Writing doesn't have to be so [expletive deleted] hard.

In the 1-2-3-4 Writing Workshops, You Gain:

A Writing Workflow Framework

The 1-2-3-4 Writing Method is a "bottom-up" approach that begins where most of us need to start: pre-writing. It is through pre-writing that we reveal to ourselves what we know and most want to say, what we need to do more research and thinking on, and where the heart of our piece may actually lie. Pre-writing is step 1 in the 1-2-3-4 Writing Method I will teach you, and by following the next three steps, each with their own rules, you will end up with an original, clearly organized, well-written, and nice-sounding piece of writing. Not that it will be easy--because writing just isn't easy, and that's hardly a secret-- but it can be easier. Dividing up the process, as 1-2-3-4 allows you to do, is very effective at stopping the painful sense of failure and self-criticism from which many writers suffer. A dauntingly big project, such as a book, can be done much more quickly and easily by multiplying these small series of steps as many times as necessary. 1-2-3-4 also defeats procrastination—the enemy of your best work (unless, of course, you’re wholly dependent on the fear of sitting down to write in order to keep your house clean).

Guidance from a 5-time Published Author

Almost all of us are "pre-writers," which means we use the process of writing itself to find out what we think and want to say, and this is not bad. In fact, it's exactly what we should be doing. The problem is, most of us were taught wrong. We were told to generate an outline or draft a list of bullet points, both of which are "top-down" methods. They presume we have all the information and that it is in the right sequence and the rest simply has to be filled into this template. Such an old-fashioned method might possibly work for something very formulaic, like a strict chronological summary of an event or a list of the steps you carry out to fix a flat tire. However, more interesting and complex writing -- the stuff people actually want to read --demands a wholly different approach.

I discovered a method in graduate school and have adapted it over the years into 1-2-3-4 in order to complete numerous academic papers and books. One of them won an international book award, in fact. I taught the method to hundreds of Emory University undergraduates and quite a few stressed-out graduate students. It works. It works so well that I am devoting my retirement not only to continuing to write myself, but also to helping others open up their writing process and to love it as I do.

A Writing and Editing Buddy

After the first workshop "Writing Can Be Easier," you will have continued access to my expertise and guidance as well as to a writing buddy, if you choose one. The members of the workshop group itself may wish to go on meeting informally afterwards, too. This kind of continued support and interaction helps all of us to be better and happier writers; I had a friend edit this document for me, even after all these years of writing! In addition, I can easily keep working with you one-on-one (I charge $25 an hour for individual help, advice, reading of selections, and commenting on them).

In the future I will be offering more advanced and specialized workshops, such as for those starting or continuing a book, or changing genres of writing. I can also recommend several good editors to will help you with grammar, typos, clarity, etc.

I hope you will join me! Writing Can Be Easier, I promise.